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How To Check Tire Pressure

Inflating and maintaining proper tire pressure ensures safer, more comfortable driving and better fuel efficiency. Particularly in times of high gas prices; in inclement driving conditions such as heavy rain, snow, or ice; and in vehicles of all sizes, tire pressure can make a major difference in driving, wherever you are. Continue reading “How To Check Tire Pressure”


Vehicle Maintenance: Changing a Fuse

Fuses seem to break all the time, but they’re designed to. Huh? When when one circuit has too much electricity flowing through it, the fuse blows to prevent serious damage and even fire.

Fuses are inexpensive and easy to replace. You can store extra fuses in your vehicle’s fuse panel. If your fuse panel doesn’t have a storage space, the second best place to keep such tiny parts is in your glove compartment or a special compartment in your toolbox. Continue reading “Vehicle Maintenance: Changing a Fuse”

How to shop online in Korea?

These are best shopping sites for foreigners in Korea:

ABC Mart –

Auction –

Danawa – Continue reading “How to shop online in Korea?”

40 Korean foods we can’t live without

Continue reading “40 Korean foods we can’t live without”

How to enjoy the best road trip experience in Korea

One of the best ways to explore the Land of the Morning Calm is by car. Here’s how:


South Korea’s size makes road tripping an attractive option. Vehicles can easily be rented at Incheon International Airport and through many hotels in Seoul. Continue reading “How to enjoy the best road trip experience in Korea”



Korea is the land of opportunity, it presents lots of ways to make money. Just take a stroll down Itaewon’s main streets and side roads any day, and you’ll see people from all over the world making a living in Seoul. Teaching is not the only to earn a paycheck here. The previous two Continue reading “OBTAIN THE F2-7 VISA IN SOUTH KOREA (PART 3)”


In the first part of this feature, we talked about how some of the basic points could be added up towards the final goal of 80 points. Age will get at least 23 points if you’re 25-29 years old, and 25 points if you’re 30-34 years old. If you completed university and a degree of some discipline Continue reading “OBTAIN THE F2-7 VISA IN SOUTH KOREA (PART 2)”


Working as a professional DJ, artist, or freelance designer in Korea can be a good source of income. Plus, you have the added bonus of doing something you love.  The problem is — one cannot legally work at these other jobs on the E2 visa. In order to do anything outside of normal Continue reading “OBTAIN THE F2-7 VISA IN SOUTH KOREA (PART 1)”

How to Easily Buy and Register a Car in Korea

It is possible for foreign residents to buy either new or used cars. Since foreign models are generally extremely expensive in Korea, a domestic model may be your most affordable option. When deciding what kind of car to get, you might want to take a look at how people park and how often they misjudge distance both in parking and sometimes even, driving. (Note: as Koreans gain more driving experience, this problem is gradually decreasing).

Continue reading “How to Easily Buy and Register a Car in Korea”

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