James Garage – Yongsan’s Car Specialist

  • Professional Auto Repair Service for imported and domestic cars
  • Used Car for Sale – Come and take a look at our used cars on site, high quality cars with reasonable price
  • Used Car Buying – Get more money for your car, we only offer the best
  • Free Car Junking Service – Plus, we pay you a lot of MONEY

James Garage has been serving USFK for more than 30 years. We received Stars and Stripes’ Best of the Pacific Winner in 2010. James Garage is only 2-minutes walk from the Commissary Gate on Yongsan Garrison. We also offer pick up service in Yongsan area.


Call James Garage in English at 02-796-6062 / 010-3742-6062 / 010-8288-1517